3 - 4 year olds
  • Each day is a new adventure for children as they play at new centers, perform science experiments, bake/cook, create class murals, make picture books, resolve conflicts, perform plays, exercise in class-wide games/obstacle courses, problem solve, express through art and music, and contribute to class/small group conversations.

    Concepts, experiences and language that children explore during free play is guided and developed through conversations, mini-lessons, circle time, books, experiments, field trips, and real life examples. Social skills and personal skills such as, turn-taking, asking for help, following 2-3 step directions, manners, etc., are taught, guided and practiced throughout the year to prepare children for kindergarten and to develop independence.

    We believe that children learn through play. They learn about themselves, about others and about their world through exploration. Children’s confidence grows as they try new things and refine their abilities. This leads to a love of exploration and learning that is a lifelong skill for success.

  • SPICESthe Core of Our Program

  • Social

    Fostering friendship and positive social interactions are key components of all our programming. Special focus is given to working cooperatively and sharing with others. Skills such as taking turns, good manners, working in small groups enhances children’s learning socially.


    Gross Motor – Programming will include opportunities for daily access to the gymnasium, indoor play equipment and outdoor activities which emphasize development of large muscles. Fine Motor – Programming will include daily crafts, art centres and other manipulative centres that require fine finger coordination.


    We provide pre-numeracy, pre-literacy, linguistic, observational and listening skills in a setting that is designed to stimulate all five senses. We offer encouragement to each child to explore through self-discovery at his or her own rate of maturity.


    Our program offers discovery through experimentation. Children learn the basics of problem solving, visual arts, drama, use of imagination, exploration of the natural world and response through forms of expression.


    We promote each child to be responsible to their peers by generating independence and self direction. Characteristics such as taking initiative, decision making, respect for others, accountability, expressing feelings and handling anger, frustration or disappointment are modeled and encouraged.


    We expand a child’s understanding of the fact that God has created all things, and has created each individual uniquely. We help broaden each child’s mind with the understanding of who God is and what He has done for us.

  • Camping

    “Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child will read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child.” ~ Magda Gerber 

  • Class Schedule

    Our Daily Adventures
  • Our games and activities will provide hours of fun for your child.

    • 50 Minutes
      Creative Play
    • 10 Minutes
      Reading Corner
    • 20 Minutes
      Circle Time: Theme Focus, Calender, Weather
    • 10 Minutes
      Snack Time: Bathroom break, Eat Snack
    • 30 Minutes
      Gym Time: Play organized games as a class and participate in free play
    • 20 Minutes
      Art/Craft Time
    • 10 Minutes
      Close: Theme Focus, Goodbye
  • Questions and Answers
    Christian Preschool

    We believe that we are made in God’s image. We teach about our bodies, our relationships, and our world believing that God created it all.

    We include songs and prayers during our day (circle time, snack, etc.) that reference God and his world.

    We celebrate Christian holidays through acting in a Nativity Play at Christmas, and focusing on the Jesus’s death and resurrection at Easter. Though we do not celebrate Halloween, we provide a costume party day through our harvest, circus or Noah’s Ark themes in late October.

    Educational Field Trips and Presentations

    We explore the world around us through field trips in our community or inviting special visitors to our classroom. Any offsite field trips are within Lethbridge. We contract a certified bus driver and school bus to go to the field trip site. These locations teach about specific aspects of our world and we believe they have exciting age appropriate educational opportunities. These field trips are included in the program fees.

    Snack Time

    We have a snack schedule. Each child is given an opportunity approximately once every 4-6 weeks to bring juice or a small snack for the class (24 children). Snacks are from the four food groups ie. crackers and cheese. On the child’s snack day they get to be the “helper” (at circle time, line leader, etc.).

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Art & Craft25 Hours
    • Gross Motor37 Hours
    • Early Literacy50 Hours
    • Creative Play56 Hours
  • Why Choose Our Program?

    Top Reasons Families Say They Choose Our Program
    • Reputation

      “There was a closer preschool, but then I thought it’s Park Meadows Christian Playschool. You don’t say ‘no’ to that.”

    • Referral

      “When I asked where to send my child for preschool, my friend said Park Meadows is the only choice. Don’t even look at another.”

    • Top Pick

      “We looked at other preschools, and then we came here and thought ‘wow’. We love the spacious site, the teachers and the program.”

    • Quality

      “I don’t bring my child here based on location or fees. I bring him here because it’s the best program for his needs.”

  • Ready to Register?

    • Centers per Week

      Every week children play with a variety of multi-sensory, open-ended centers. A few favourites are: train table, play house, climbing center, and paint. Seasonal favourites include: igloo, barn, and campsite.

    • Centers per Year

      Throughout the year students will have an opportunity to play at a huge variety of engaging play centers.

    • Themes per year

      Children explore new concepts, vocabulary, and roles through a variety of themes. Favourite themes include: dinosaurs, arctic, community helpers, garden, and transportation.

    • Events per Year

      We love celebrating! One of the ways we do this is through inviting guests to our site or visiting fascinating places in our city. We also enjoy inviting our families to events to help us celebrate our learning.

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