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  • We have been educating children for over thirty years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

  • After this many years of teaching, we know that not all Lethbridge preschools are equal. Here is an overview of our unique services:

    - Educational field trips and school presentations

    - Pre-Kindergarten skills

    - Creative theme-based programming

    - Spacious site

    - Wheelchair accessible building and classroom

    - Programming and support for children with special needs

    - Developmental pre-screening for all new children

    - Staggered fall entry

    - Special events that celebrate children and their families

    - Partnership with community resources and school divisions 

    - Daily use of a 6,400 square foot gymnasium

    - Commercial kitchen 

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  • Pre-kindergarten skills in a literacy rich environment.

    We are preparing children for kindergarten in a literacy rich environment to foster a love of books and reading.

    Art, crafts, games, field trips, centres, and circle time facilitate learning the alphabet, colours, numbers, name recognition, and printing in a fun, developmentally appropriate environment.

  • Welcoming place for all children.

    Children develop and learn uniquely, and our inclusive preschool has supports for children of all needs and abilities.

    We coordinate with Lethbridge agencies to provide children with speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy.  

    We have a large, wheel chair accessible building and classroom.


  • Special events to celebrate learning.

    We partner with a child's family and extended family to celebrate their uniqueness and share their joy of learning.

    Some of our celebrations of learning include: Open House, Nativity Christmas Concert, Men’s Nite Out, Family Picnic, Mother’s Day Tea, and Graduation Pinata Party. 

  • Meet Our Fantastic Educators

    With education and experience in early learning
  • As a staff, we are passionate about creating a warm, caring atmosphere and facilitating your child's growth.

  • Our staff consists of two full-time preschool educators, two classroom assistants and several educational assistants provided by local Lethbridge school divisions. 



    • Freddie Gelleny

      Freddie Gelleny


      This is my seventh year at Park Meadows Christian Playschool and I love every minute of making the children’s learning experience fun. I love to plan and create a preschool day and then see the children’s excitement as they enter the room, play at new centres and explore a concept in a new way. At playschool my favorite saying is “what if…” as I imagine how we could change, add, or do something new!! It makes me LOVE being part of the preschool day along with the children!!

      • Education:
        Early Childhood Education
      • Class Educator:
      • My Hobbies:
        Camping, Reading, Time with Family
    • Deb Knelsen

      Deb Knelsen


      This is my seventeenth year at Park Meadows Christian Playschool and seeing the world through “the eyes of a child” truly makes each day an adventure of learning through play. I have always found it exciting to watch children discover the world around them whether it be through literacy, arts and crafts, or a science experiment. To see the children attempt a new skill and the determination it takes to then successfully master it has taught me to appreciate each of their efforts.

      • Education:
        Early Childhood Education
      • Class Educator:
      • My Hobbies:
        Gardening, Reading, Music, Grandchildren
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